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Sophisticated investment services in line with your investment risk profile with the following options:

  • Structured products - continue to gain interest from investors who want peace of mind but are also looking for market exposure. Structured products are designed to return the initial capital invested at the end of the investment period while offering the potential for returns linked to market indices. This makes them very attractive if you are looking for competitive returns on your investment while protecting your capital in the event of a market downturn. In recent years, Standard Bank Offshore Group has won a number of industry awards for these structured products.
  • Offshore funds - we have a range of in-house offshore funds, which provide geographic and asset class exposure.
  • Asset management - a full asset management service from bespoke discretionary management to client-driven asset management portfolios.
  • Fiduciary services - the use of fiduciary structures can play an integral part in international estate planning. Through our offshore centres in Jersey, Isle of Man and Mauritius we can provide services to meet these needs.

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