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Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Personal banking tailored just for you
A range of bank accounts to suit your lifestyle and needs

Bank with us

We offer the best solutions to your personal banking needs, including savings & investment accounts and other finance options

Some of the benefits


Our expert advice helps you to make the best possible decisions

Electronic banking

Do your own banking, wherever you are

Easy Finance

Loans to help you afford your most important purchases


Put your savings in our investment accounts, keeping it safe while we help it grow

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Achiever banking

It gives customers access to their money 24/7 through mobile baking, internet banking and smarp App. Customers can deposit and withdraw funds, and make payments from our ATMs , BNAs and digital channels.

Achiever banking
Current account
Nala account

Affordable Banking for Low Income earners that extends offering to more than banking needs. Affords  Unlimeted Access to the Digital Channels, ATM & BNAs

Private Banking

High net-worth individuals need the extra level of service provided by our private banking accounts. Clients have access to a private banker for expert financial advice, and who can help manage their accounts. Private banking accounts also come with premium value-adds, and have preferential rates.

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Transactional Accounts

Open a transactional account, for ready access to your funds. Swipe your card to pay for your purchases or cover your bills with electronic transfers. You get full access to your money without needing to carry cash

Self-Service Portal

Do your own banking, without visiting a branch. Bank from the workplace, on your phone, at an ATM, or with our SmartApp.

Mobile App
We are a leader in our sector

Speak to one of our advisers about the best products for your needs