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Ways to Bank
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Looking for a loan?
Our personal lending products offer finance to help you buy your own home, a new car, or fund your dreams

Borrow For Your Needs

Some of the benefits

Personalised Interest

Enjoy a personalised interest rate on your loan

Flexible terms

Choose between a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 12 months to repay your personal loan

Easy to get

You can complete some of our loans end-to-end via our digital platforms


Quick solution to emergency and non-emergency needs
Our lending products
Personal loan

This solution allows you to bridge any financial gaps you may have.


Instant access to additional funds when you need them the most.

Home loans and Mortgages
Home loan
Building loan

Construction loan for the development of a single residential property or purchase of off-plan houses. Building a property from scratch/ completion of residential property. Enables clients to expand, remodel or renovate their existing property.

Access bond
Access bond

Clients can access funds for home improvements for personal use through a re-advance on their bond, or by registering an additional bond on their property.

Equity release
Equity release

A home loan variant where clients can unlock the value from their existing property and take a loan to use the cash released for a variety of personal needs - including the purchase of another home or prime land, business expansion or funding education.

Purchasing loan
Purchasing loan

A home loan is for clients who wish to purchase a first home, second home or invest. It is for the outright purchase of a turnkey property or primary accommodation. Buying an already existing property.

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Our other loans to apply for

Fixed Term Loan

Cover an extension to your home, new furniture, or surprise repair bills with a personal loan from Standard Bank. No collateral needed, fixed monthly payments.

Unsecured loan
heartland homeloan
Heartland Homeloan

A home loan especially for our Basotho clients living and working abroad. Build your dream home in Lesotho, secure an access bond and apply for equity release on your property in Lesotho, all while living out of the country.

Revolving line credit

Continuous credit, letting you borrow again up to the original loan amount, provided you’ve paid back at least 15% of the original amount. Minimum monthly repayment is calculated as a percentage of the outstanding amount, but you can make additional payments of any amount at your own convenience.

revolving line credit
Revolving term loan
Revolving Term Loan

If you are expecting to need additional funds later on, this offering requires fixed monthly repayments, and gives the option to borrow again without repeating the approval process, provided you’ve made at least six payments.

Salary Earner Scheme

If you don’t earn enough to qualify for traditional loans, and you work for a company which has partnered with us, you may still be able to borrow through our Salary Earner Scheme

salary earner
Vehicle & Asset Finance
Vehicle Asset Finance

Financing your purchases of large ticket items like vehicles and other movable assets. Take ownership of your new car immediately, with up to 60 months to pay back the loan. Flexible, affordable, with interest calculated according to your risk profile.