Optimum ContractSave

What it offers you

  • You can choose the period that you want to save for
  • You earn competitive interest rates
  •  Interest increases each year, so the longer you save the more interest you can earn
  • You can make additional deposits whenever you want to
  • No fees are charged on your account
  • You will not be charged a debit order fee if your monthly payment is from a Standard Lesotho Bank account
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid into your Optimum ContractSave account every month
  • The minimum savings period is one year (12 debit orders) and the maximum is three years. You decide what savings period and maturity date suits you
  • You do not have to withdraw the funds from your Optimum ContractSave account as we will transfer the funds straight to your transactional account
  • You are allowed to open more than one Optimum ContractSave account if you want to save separately for different goals or open an account for your children.


What you need to apply

Be over 18

Visit your nearest branch with the following documents:

  • Nationally accepted identification: passport, National Identification and driver’s license
  • A payslip that is not older than two months
  • Address details shown on a current utility bill, for example, electricity or water account, which must be less than two months old
  • Your residence or work permit if you are not a Lesotho citizen.



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+266 2221 2221


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