Instant Money

Receive and withdraw money from any of our ATMs without an ATM card using Instant Money. Instant Money is a card-less money transfer solution that is an affordable, safe, and reliable way to send money to anyone with a cellphone number in Lesotho using Mobile Banking.

Instant Money is a Standard Lesotho Bank Solution where standard Lesotho Bank customers are able to send money through a cellphone number on Mobile Banking.
What does a Standard Lesotho Bank Customer need to send an Instant Money voucher:

  • Valid Standard Lesotho Bank Account
  • A cell phone with number registered to the Bank
  • Registered for Mobile Banking ( Can be done at a nearby branch)
  • Funds in your account

• Log into your Mobile Banking
• Select option 7
• Select option 1: Purchase Voucher
• Choose account to pay from
• Enter voucher amount
• Enter beneficiary cellphone number, starting with 266
• Confirm voucher details
• Voucher purchased successfully
• Upon completion of the above process your beneficiary/recipient will  receive a voucher number which can be redeemed at the nearest Standard Lesotho Bank ATM.

You will also receive PIN, which you will have to communicate with the beneficiary in order for the beneficiary to redeem the voucher.

• Click on Card less option at the ATM
• Enter Voucher Number(delivered to you via sms)
• Enter Voucher Number(delivered to you via sms)
• Enter cell phone number
• Enter PIN( Send to you by the sender)
• Confirm Voucher details
• Cash dispensed and you will receive a slip if available at the ATM


  • If the ATM does not have a receipt, cash will not be dispensed. Try the next ATM.
  • If the ATM does not have denominations to amount to the voucher amount, then cash will not be dispensed. Try the next ATM.
  • If you get a retraction ( ATM does not give out cash but display that transaction is successful), then try the next ATM you will still obtain Cash.
  • You can only issue vouchers in multiples of M10.00.
  • Transaction can be issued from M10.00 to M5000.00.
  • If get the PIN wrong for 3 times your voucher will be blocked and can only be active after 24hrs or contact CCC for assistance.
  • If voucher details are not received, Sender should contact CCC or nearest branch so that voucher details are resent.


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