SMS Express

SMS Express allows alerts to be sent notifying you of funds entering and leaving your account. There are no fees charged on SMS Alert services.

What does it offer me?

SMS alerts help you to decrease instances of fraud because alerts are sent to your mobile phone immediately when your card is used or when a transaction occurs on your account. This helps in instances where your card is fraudulently used by someone else, where you are the first one to get notification so that you can be able to call our card stop number to block your card immediately.

Which types of alerts are sent to my mobile phone?

You get immediate alerts for;

  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Cash Deposits
  • Inter account transfers
  • Utility Bill Payment  and Mobile Top-Up Purchases
  • Purchases  at Point of Sale(POS)
  • Online Purchases
  • Any other transactions on your account

Who Qualifies To Have an SMS Alert?

  • The customer must be an existing customer and have an existing debit card.
  • The Customer must be KYC compliant and must therefore supply the relevant identification document  and proof of residence
  • Must have a mobile phone.
  • The new card number will be captured into FAS Lite and the customer will be registered and subscribed for alerts               



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