Workplace banking

Workplace Banking is a service channel that is committed to taking banking solutions to our customers in a simple and convenient manner to meet their banking needs at their place of work. For a company/organization to register for Workplace Banking call 22212221 or email [email protected]

How does it work

  • Periodic Sales desk at Place of Work on agreed dates
  • Bank days sales expos at place of work on arranged dates
  • Financial Wellness Presentations
  • On line marketing and communication through HR office

Benefits for Employer

• Enhances Company’s prestige through a customized offering unique for employees of that company.
• Minimizes workforce disruption as accounts are opened at companies’ premises.
• Provides tangible proof of a caring and socially responsible organization as employees are offered VAF, Home Loans and Personal Loans at preferential rates and terms under our Group Scheme Agreements.
• Supports members well being and upliftment through financial wellness presentations to current employees and those due for retirement.
• Enhances the productivity levels of employees due to online/electronic banking options offered.

Benefits for the Employee

• Convenience- Employee banking needs addressed at the workplace
• Group Scheme Agreements allow employees to access bank products
• Personal consultation and advice at place of work
• Free financial advice and wealth creation opportunities

Qualifying Criteria

• Commercial and Corporates
• Minimum number of employees 20
• No maximum number of employees


Online Banking

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