Standard Lesotho Bank Welcomes A New Chief Executive

2020-04-03 00:00:00.0

The Board of Directors of Standard Lesotho Bank is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Kenrick Cockerill as Chief Executive of Standard Lesotho Bank effective from 1April 2020.

Mr Cockerill has a successful 32-year career history with the Standard Bank Group.  He fulfilled a number of key leadership and specialist roles, both in South Africa and across various geographies including, Botswana, DRC, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique and most recently in Tanzania. We look forward to fully tapping into his leadership skills to enhance our customer experience.

The Board also extends its sincere appreciation to Mr Thabiso Tsenki, who has been the acting Chief Executive for Standard Lesotho Bank while the recruitment process for a substantive Chief Executive was underway; to our staff for their dedication and commitment; and most importantly, to our customers and other stakeholders for their unwavering support during this transition period.

For and on behalf of the Standard Lesotho Bank Board.