Credit Cards

A Credit Card is a very easy and safe way of paying for goods and services, as you don’t need to carry cash. Our Credit Card have an additional security features in the form of a chip and PIN, which offers you greater protection as it is more difficult to make a copy of chip credit card and only you know your PIN.

What it offers you

·        No transaction fees on purchases

·        Basic automatic travel insurance

·        Free secondary cards

·        You get up to 55 days' interest-free credit. If used wisely, your card could be your most effective financial management tool

·        You have control over how you want to use your credit card limit as the revolving and budget limits are combined into a single account limit.


For additional benefits, which have been arranged with MasterCard, please visit for more information.

What you need to apply

·        Nationally accepted identity; passport

·        Latest payslip or confirmation of your income

·        Proof of residence in the form of a utility bill (less than three months old)

·        A letter of undertaking from your employer.


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