Heartland Home loan

With our heartland Current Account, we also have a homeloan offering to cater for Basotho living and working abroad. With a Heartland homeloan, you can build your dream home in Lesotho whilst living abroad. You can also secure an access bond or apply for equity release on your property in Lesotho whilst living abroad.

What does it offer you?

Maximum loan amount               



Maximum financing terms


Home Purchase

80% of Property value – Greater Maseru Area

70% of Property value –Areas other than Greater Maseru


Equity Release

70% of Property Value - Greater Maseru

60% of Property Value - Areas other than Greater Maseru


Developer Construction

70% of property value - Greater Maseru

60% of property value - Areas other than Greater Maseru


Payment Frequency



Loan currency

We finance either Lesotho Maloti or USD or GBP Mortgages


Terms and conditions


On approval of your home loan, you will be required to undertake a compulsory life insurance cover on the total loan amount and property insurance against fire and allied perils.




Lump sum capital deposits into loan account (Subject to meeting anti-money laundering rules) are allowed.

Payment terms

  • Maximum Loan Term is 20 years (240 months).
  • Customer must not be more than 60 years by the 240th month.

What do I need to apply?

General Requirements

• ID or passport (original and colour copy)

• Two colour passport photos

• Evidence of current physical address

• For those living in the Diaspora, evidence of physical address such as a utility bill is needed.

• For those living in Lesotho evidence of physical address as well as evidence of intention to relocate to the Diaspora (letter from employer, details of visa, airplane tickets, etc.) required.

Additional Application Requirements per product


Purchasing loan

1. Lease

2. Deed of sale drawn up by Attorney

3. Proof of income - Last 3 months (Pay-slips)

4. Down payment

5. Ministerial consent to transfer


Building loan and Home improvement loan

1. Lease

2. Properly designed plan

3. Building permit

4. Contractor’s quotations (contractor must submit the following - Trader’s licence from Ministry of Works, Income tax clearance certificate, references)

5. Proof of income - Last 3 months (Pay-slips)

6. Identification - Passport, Driver’ License, Identity Card.

7. Down payment

8. The builder should provide an audited set of financials and credit reference (if necessary)


Access Bond

Access Bond enables you to redraw money on an existing home loan up to the original loan limit. It is a unique facility that lets you access surplus funds  from your home loan.


1. Existing home loan

2. Proof of income - Last 3 months (Pay-slips)

3. Application form


Equity release

Equity release allows you to borrow up to a maximum of 80% of the value of the home or property you own.


1. Lease

2. Proof of income - Last 3 months (Pay-slips)

To apply?

1. Speak to one of our Private Bankers at the Private Banking Suite at our LCCI Building, corner of Orpen and Mabile Road, Maseru.


2. Alternatively, call us on +448000 260 219 (only applicable to those in the UK) or +266 2221 2221 email us at [email protected] and one of us will come directly to you.


3. Complete a Home Loan application form.


4. Submit the completed application form in addition to all required documents.


5. You will be contacted by us when the loan is approved and a facility letter will be issued.


6. Once all facility approval conditions are met, your loan will be disbursed.


*Terms and Conditions Apply


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