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    • Importing and exporting to China made easy
    Our Africa-China trade solutions make trading with China simple by minimising the challenges you would usually encounter in this line of work.
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Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Banking solutions
A business account with us ensures that your cash is accessible whenever you need it, while keeping you informed of every transaction.

Bank with us

Standard Lesotho Bank is your business banking partner. Our range of business banking accounts ensure that your cash is accessible whenever you need it, while ensuring that you’re always informed of all expenditure

Some of the benefits


Partner with the bank that grew to be the largest in Lesotho by remaining rooted in the needs of its people

Easy Finance

Loans to help you afford your most important purchases


Our expert advice helps you to make the best possible decisions

Put your money to work

Put your savings in our investment accounts, keeping it safe while we help it grow

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Molleloa Current Account

A simple, convenient current account for your business, which gives you access to our advanced electronic services, such as Enterprise Online, as well as traditional branch banking. This account has affordable billing options, letting you choose between bundled pricing or pay-as-you-transact

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Business current account
Business Current Account

The transactional account designed specifically for businesses. Simple to manage and linked to your Business AutoBank card, it also allows you to issue cards to as many of your employees as you need while still controlling expenditure.

Electronic Account Payments

Apply for an Electronic Account Payment limit at your branch. Limits should not exceed your average cash and cheque turnover, but applications can be made if this is needed

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Business AutoBank Card

Swipe your card to buy wherever the Maestro symbol is displayed. Your Business AutoBank Card is linked to your business account, and gives you full control over the management of your accounts.

We are a leader in our sector

Speak to one of our advisers about the best products for your needs