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    • Importing and exporting to China made easy
    Our Africa-China trade solutions make trading with China simple by minimising the challenges you would usually encounter in this line of work.
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Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Our services
Offering a range of financing, global market, transactional and investment products and services in the Lesotho

Products and Services

Standard Bank is the largest bank in Lesotho, and your trusted partner for personal and business banking.

Some of the benefits


Reduce your exposure to risk with our hedging products

Electronic Banking

Do your own banking, wherever you are


Providing the services you need


Competitive Interest Rates
What are you looking for?
Finance your business Teaser
Bank with us

Our range of business banking accounts ensure that your cash is accessible whenever you need it

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Finance your business

Grow your business with a financing option from Standard Lesotho Bank

Insure what matters
Savings and Investments

Proper financial management includes taking an active role in your finances

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Specialised Services

We have a range of specialised services to help you navigate the challenges unique to your industry

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Trade Club

Introducing the largest online trade platform