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    • Importing and exporting to China made easy
    Our Africa-China trade solutions make trading with China simple by minimising the challenges you would usually encounter in this line of work.
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Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Let us help you
We pride ourselves on our history of helping businesses to grow by providing the finance they need

Finance Your Business

Grow your business with a financing option from Standard Bank. Pay for property and assets, or get revolving credit to cover operating expenses.

Some of the benefits


Partner with the bank that grew to be the largest in Lesotho by remaining rooted in the needs of its people

Easy Finance

Loans to help you afford your most important purchases


Our expert advice helps you to make the best possible decisions

Put your money to work

Put your savings in our investment accounts, keeping it safe while we help it grow

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Business Term Loan

A short to medium term unsecured loan for when you need extra funds. Buy assets, refurbish properties, or acquire a competitor. Loans can be repaid in instalments paid over a period of between two and seven years, with no maximum loan amount.

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Revolving credit line
Revolving line of credit

Borrow on a medium-term loan, with the option to draw on the amounts you have already repaid. Structured repayments and availability of additional funds gives you better control of your finances, and allows you to plan for additional financing without needing to repeat application processes.

Vehicle Asset Finance

Short or medium terms finance to acquire vehicles and other movable assets, such as agricultural or earthmoving equipment, industrial plant and machinery, mining equipment and commercial fleets. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms.

working capital loan
Working Capital Loan

Boost your operating funds with a Working Capital Loan. This short term loan is limited to two and a half months of your business’s turnover, and can be paid back in instalments lasting from six to twenty four months.

We are a leader in our sector

Speak to one of our advisers about the best products for your needs