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    • Importing and exporting to China made easy
    Our Africa-China trade solutions make trading with China simple by minimising the challenges you would usually encounter in this line of work.
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Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Products and Services
Ways to Bank
Ways to Bank
Our expert advise
Going beyond standard portfolio, we have a range of specialised services to help you navigate the challenges unique to your industry.

Specialised Services

At Standard Lesotho Bank, we understand that different industries have their own unique challenges. Our Specialized Services consultants can help you avoid the pitfalls and achieve business success

Some of the benefits


Reduce your exposure to risk with our hedging products

Electronic Banking

Do your own banking, wherever you are


Providing the services you need


Competitive Interest Rates

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Bridging Finance

It can be difficult when all your money is tied up in outstanding credits. Standard Bank offers Bridging Finance, a loan to tide you over while you wait for your customers to pay in the bills they still owe you.

trader loan
commercial property
Commercial Property Loan

When buying land for commercial purposes, you often need to construct or remodel buildings on the land which is being purchased. Commercial Property Loans cover both the price of the land and the development costs, which allow you to create a property that you can use to run your business, or rent out to other companies

Forward Exchange Cover

Working with foreign currencies can be risky because exchange rates vary from day to day. With Forward Exchange Cover, you can lock in an exchange rate so that, whatever happens in future, you can still budget for the transaction.

forward exchange cover
SME Trader loan
SME Trader Loan

Running a business as an SME can be tough, especially when you don’t have the cash reserves of a larger business. An SME Trader Loan is a short-term loan to help cover your immediate cash flow needs and keep you operating through the difficult times.

Letter of Credit

Certain suppliers need you to prove that you will be able to pay for a shipment before they accept the deal. A Letter of Credit is a promise from one back to another that the money will be paid into the suppliers account, guaranteeing that they will get paid.

Letter of credit
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