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Tapping from a rich history of the Standard Bank Group with over 150 years on the African continent, operating in 18 countries, Standard Lesotho Bank is the largest bank in Lesotho in terms of asserts and market share.

Standard Bank Group’s roots in Lesotho date back to 1995 when the Group acquired Barclays Bank Plc to form a new entity called Standard Bank Lesotho. In 1999, Standard Bank Group and the Government of Lesotho entered into an agreement wherein the former would manage the then Lesotho Bank Limited. Eventually an agreement was concluded to establish a new company later known as Lesotho Bank 1999 Limited with the shareholders being Standard Bank Group, Lesotho Unit Trust and the Government of Lesotho.

In July 2006, the two banks agreed on a merger to form Standard Lesotho Bank Limited as we know it today, which is jointly owned by the Government of Lesotho, Lesotho Unit Trust and Standard Bank Group.

Firmly rooted within our people, we are the only bank that has presence in all the districts of Lesotho with a total of 19 branches in the country. Standard Lesotho Bank’s ATM network extends throughout the lowlands and highlands of Lesotho with 83 ATM machines currently installed in the Mountain Kingdom.

Our bank provides a range of solutions for personal and business banking, corporate as well as investment banking. From these offerings, we have a range of products for the personal market, loan facilities, investment options and even global market trading.

Since its establishment, Standard Lesotho Bank has been a strategic partner for Basotho financing numerous key investments in the country. We are the bank that partners with local entrepreneurs because we understand that local business is at the heart of Lesotho’s development.

With our products and services that are tailormade for our people, we affirm Standard Lesotho Bank as a truly Basotho bank. We have brought smiles to hundreds of thousands of our customers from the buzz of the industrial and commercial lowlands to the spectacular mountain regions that have set our country apart from the rest with its beauty. Wherever our people are, we are always with them.


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