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  •   Standard Lesotho Bank invites applications for the position of Chief Executive Officer 12 Sep 2019

    Career opportunity – Standard Lesotho Bank has a vacancy for the Chief Executive Officer who is to be a Game Changer at the Bank that has the largest footprint in Lesotho. Deadline for applications is 27 September, 2019.

  •   The Chief Executive of Standard Lesotho Bank Resigns. 16 Aug 2019

    The Standard Lesotho Bank Chairperson and Board of Directors wish to inform all shareholders - Issued by the Standard Lesotho Bank Board of Directors

  •   Locations of Real Time Cash Deposit Machines for Businesses and Individuals 29 Jul 2019

    In our journey towards providing digital solutions that make 24/7 banking possible for all our clients. Standard Lesotho Bank has improved the functionality of 21 ATM Machines to introduce Real Time Cash Deposits. This functionality allows customers to deposit money into their own accounts and even to other people and entities. The value of the money deposited reflects instantly, giving customers the convenience of accessing such funds as and when required.

  •   Call for proposals: Phase II: Bacha Entrepreneurship Project - 2019 05 Jul 2019

    In an attempt to arrest poverty that is exacerbated by rising youth unemployment, particularly educated youth, Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO), in collaboration with the Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) and Standard Lesotho Bank calls for proposals for the Bacha Entrepreneurship Project. The project is intended to assist young unemployed holding LGCSE/COSC certificates upwards within the ages of 21 to 35 to become employers and drivers of economic growth by becoming entrepreneurs.

  •   Standard Lesotho Bank on the Issue of Wool and Mohair Farmer’s payments 24 May 2019

    Standard Lesotho Bank is an authorized financial services provider and has been involved in facilitation of payments for wool and mohair farmers since the merger between Lesotho Bank (1999) Limited and Standard Bank Lesotho Limited in 2007.

  •   Enterprise Banking 14 May 2019

    Established in 2011, Enterprise Banking is a division of Standard Lesotho Bank that looks after businesses with turnovers of up to M10million and provides financial solutions to thousands of Small and Medium Enterprises across the entire country. Examples of businesses that are banked at Enterprise Banking include construction companies, retailers, suppliers, transport and plant hire, as well as service industries such as beauty and hospitality, to name but a few.

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