Farming Implements Repair Project Partnership

10 May 2019

Lerotholi Polytechnic, through the volunteering efforts of the SECH students, is investing time, skills and other resources to uplift a series of selected communities this Academic Year2018/2019(students themselves do the identification).  Over and above teaching and research, the Polytechinc wishes to fulfil its community service mandate by among other means, working with students volunteers in projects that directly benefit and uplift citizens of this country.
Starting Friday 8th March through to Monday 11th March 2019, a volunteering group of students, under the supervision of their instructors, would be flighting yet another community outreach project. This time we head to Ha-'makhoroana, Berea in a small village of Lifotoleng.
In their quest to  use the precious knowledge they acquire in the classroom and transfer it into real life situations by creating financially and environmentally impactful projects, SECH students have identified the following communities as beneficiaries of the “MohomaTemeng” Project.
MohomaTemengis  a fix and repair project of farming implements.  The project is intended to put back into use M1, 200,000 (yes over one Million) Maluti worth of farming equipments  in three communities in the 2019/2020 academic year alone.  This academic year’s fix and repair project activities are fully funded by our new partner Standard Lesotho Bank
a) Ha ‘Makhoroan, Berea [08 March 2019]
b) Semonkong [June 2019]
c) Community x [October 2019]
The project is intended to reach no less than 600 subsistence farmers.
“We are very delighted to have joined hands with Lerotholi Polytechnic in this project which in our view guarantees food security and leverages subsistence farming in our communities.”  Says Mr. Manyathela Kheleli, Communications and Sponsorship Manager at Standard Lesotho Bank.  Through their [email protected] initiative, the Standard Lesotho Bank has also committed to dispatch its staff to partake in this initiative to continue encouraging the bank staff to volunteer in community upliftement projects that are supported by the bank.  The bank has invested M50,000 in this initiative for 2019.
The last similar project that SECH students were involved in was a Farming Implements (MohomaTemeng) TsaKholo,  where in three days,  over 90  farm implements were fixed for free, untying over M260,000  worth of capital tied in non functioning farm implements.