Introducing the Home Loan Calculator

2017-11-21 00:00:00.0

Standard Lesotho Bank Introduces the Home Loan Calculator

Standard Lesotho Bank has introduced the Home Loans Calculator, which is a new online system that enables customers to be able to make a quick assessment of how much they can qualify for if they need a home loan.
The home loan calculator is open for use by all customers of the bank and it can be accessed on the Standard Lesotho Bank website on the link;
For customers to obtain an idea of how much they qualify for, they simply input their gross monthly income, a total of their estimated monthly expenses and their preferred term (duration) of payment, noting that the maximum repayment term is 20 years. With the information supplied, Home loans Calculator is then able to compute the value of the investment that the customer can apply for when lodging an application for a bank facility to buy, construct or improve a property, as well as an indication on the monthly repayment amount thereof.

“The calculator is going to bring utmost convenience for our customers by giving them the tools to assess the affordability of their home loans at their own convenience. This intervention also addresses the longstanding challenge of our clients calling or coming into our branches just to make enquiries about their affordability of home loans. The calculator is now their new solution that is convenient, accurate and saves time, whilst also giving customers an opportunity to make as many changes as they like to explore options as they come.” Says Mr. Azael Makara, the Manager of Standard Lesotho Bank Home loans Division.

The new Home loan Calculator is also a response to the growing but volatile real estate and property market and it has now become essential for customers to know their affordability as they shop around for sound investments. The calculator can also be used in instances where customers require other Homeloans products such as access bonds or Equity Releases on their existing loan facilities. Note that the calculator gives you an indication of your affordability and once a formal application is made calculations may slightly vary.
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