Locations of Real Time Cash Deposit Machines for Businesses and Individuals

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In our journey towards providing digital solutions that make 24/7 banking possible for all our clients. Standard Lesotho Bank has improved the functionality of 21 ATM Machines to introduce Real Time Cash Deposits. This functionality allows customers to deposit money into their own accounts and even to other people and entities. The value of the money deposited reflects instantly, giving customers the convenience of accessing such funds as and when required.


For Business customers, the enterprise solution of real time cash deposits is provided by Cash Deposit Machines. Like Cash Depositing ATMs, these machines give business customers the convenience of instant deposits in that they too provide value of the money deposited instantly.  Real Time Cash Deposit machines can accept up to 15,000 notes and a maximum of M1million at a time.



Cash Depositing ATM Machines


Physical Address

1.       Mohale's Hoek

Mafoso Street, Mohale’s Hoek

2.       Mafeteng

Main South 1, Motloung Complex - Mafeteng

3.       Butha-Buthe

Village Walk Shopping Mall, Butha-Buthe

4.       Maseru

Pioneer Mall branch, Pioneer Road,  Maseru

5.       Maseru

Bank Building, Kingsway Rd - Maseru

6.       Maseru

Maseru Mal l 2, Katlehong, Maseru

7.       Maseru

LCCI Properties, Orpen Rd, Maseru

8.       Qacha's Nek

Chaka’s Garage, Qacha’s Nek*

9.       Mokhotlong

Alliance Building, Mokhotlong*

10.   Maseru

Cathedral Digital Branch, Econo Foods, Maseru

11.   Mohale's Hoek

Mohale's Hoek, Alliance Complex

12.   Maseru

National University of Lesotho, Main Gate - Roma

13.   Maseru

Main North 1, Cathedral Area - Maseru

14.   Maseru

Main North 1, Cathedral Area - Maseru

15.   Berea

Blue Mountain Inn Rd - TY

16.   Leribe

Seretse Khama Main Rd, Border Side - Maputsoe

17.   Leribe

Hlotse Main Rd - Leribe

18.   Butha-Buthe

Main Rd, – Botha-Bothe

19.   Quthing

Upper Moyeni, Opposite Police Station - Quthing

20.   Thaba-Tseka

Thaba Tseka, new branch building

21.   Maseru

Lesotho Bank Tower, Kingsway Rd, Maseru



Cash Deposit Machines

1.       City Branch

2.       Maputsoe Branch

3.       Pioneer Baranch

4.       Cathedral Digital Branch

5.       Maseru Mall Branch

6.       Leribe Branch