Measures to Support our clients during the COVID19 lockdown

2020-04-09 00:00:00.0

We recognize that the lockdowns declared by both the governments of Lesotho and South Africa will inevitably have a negative effect on personal and business finances for you. To that end, the Bank has proposed measures below to help our customers to transact with ease and to help them manage their business and personal needs during these trying times.

Payment Waivers on mobile and electronic channels

Free transacting on Standard Bank App and internet Banking-DATA FREE only for Vodacom subscribers.

For April Only, you can enjoy

    1. Free bill payments when you buy electricity and pay DSTV

    2. Free transactions on mobile banking, Internet Banking and Enterprise Online

    3. Free Airtime purchases on mobile banking and ATMs

    4. Free purchasing on Point of Sale (POS) devices for clients on Bundled Pricing.


      Free Monthly Management Fee

      For three months, the Bank will waiver monthly management fees for clients who do not receive a salary for April or who have been retrenched. The Bank will work together with companies to access the lists of employees impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown so that they can access this benefit. We will also provide free monthly management fee for April for small and medium size enterprises holding a Molleloa account.


For the month of April, we will waiver all monthly fees for the use of our POS devices for the businesses that are closed due to the lockdown. The Bank will also waiver 50% of the loan origination fee on business loans for small to medium size enterprises affected by the lockdown, especially the Business Working Capital loan in case you need a business loan to keep your business afloat and cover those pressing needs to keep you in business.

These measures are intended to ease the financial burden on your business during this time. 

Please contact us for a personalised financial assistance that meets your needs.

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